Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1 Year Pediatrician Appointment

Today Zak & Ryder had their 1 year pediatrician appointment. The ped is very happy with their progress and growth. We have been the OK to switch them over to whole milk so we will slowly use up the remaining formula and get them switched over.

Today Zak was 28.6 inches, 19lbs 1oz and his head circumference was 44.6cm. He was 20% for length, 5% for weight, and 8% for head circumference. He got 3 vaccines today (Prevnar, MMR, Chicken Pox).

Ryder was 28.6 inches, 18lbs 4oz and his head circumference was 42.8cm which makes him 20% for length, 3% for weight, and 3% for head circumference. He did not get any vaccines because we want to wait until after his surgery on August 25 since the MMR can cause a fever for up to 2 weeks. He will get his 1 year vaccines on September 10.

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