Friday, August 22, 2008

Today I took Ryder back to the lab to have his blood drawn. They got in the new smaller needles so I was hopeful it would work. Luckily, the same person was working today that had tried to draw his blood last week and she was great. They called us back immediately which was nice since there was a 45 minute wait otherwise! The new needles worked great for Ryder. She had to poke him twice (once in each arm), but was able to get enough blood for all of his tests (lead, CBC, chromosome). It was so odd though because Ryder only whined a bit when they put the first needle in and then just sat in my lap looking around. Then he cried full out when she took the last needle out and put the bandage on. Last time he screamed the whole time so this time was so much better. He of course fell asleep on the 10 minute car ride home.

I have a call put in to the pediatrician's office to talk to a nurse. We are thinking both boys are having an issue with the milk that they have now transitioned to. I will keep the gross details to a minimum and just say their poop is yellow, runny, and smells SO bad! They also have had bad gas and a persistent diaper rash. They are not acting sick so I am pretty sure it isn't another virus, but I will update once we know more.

I am still waiting for a call from the hospital to let me know what time Ryder's surgery is on Monday morning. It will probably be pretty early in the morning though. Ben has off from work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week which will be nice since Ryder will be recovering from the surgery. Also, Zak has his sweat test scheduled for Tuesday morning next week.