Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben

Today is Ben's birthday, but we don't have any fun plans or anything. Today is just another normal day with Ben working and the boys and I at home with Madelyn. I was going to go out to dinner with my Moms Of Multiples (MOMs) club, but I decided we need to really save any money we can so I decided not to go. The boys did do a little coloring on their cards for Ben and they had tons of fun. They really are enjoying coloring more and more now. Here are some pictures....

As everybody knows we are in the process of finding a house and a car so money is very tight. But I still wanted to get Ben a birthday present that he would really get use out of so the boys and I got him a Garmin GPS. The last few days he has had to call me while at work so that I could look up directions for him so this will really get used and help him in his job so I look at it as a good investment.
Zak had some fun trying to put my shoes on and walk around in them. He got very frustrated when ever he would fall over or the shoes would fall off. The boys have also started to play with their pop-up tunnels a lot. They like to put them over their heads and walk around.