Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nice Weather

Today the boys went to play at Nana's house while Ben and I got a chance to go see X-Men Origins in the theatre. The movie was really good, although I think I enjoyed it more than Ben. Afterwards we played with the dogs at Laura's house until it became obvious the boys were ready for a nap. We left and headed into Annapolis to play with Jamison and Josephine and to see Mum Mum. While there the boys got to play in the sprinkler which they always love to do. Nathan was also there so the boys got to play with him for a bit, but he didn't enjoy the water play. We headed back home in time to have dinner and put the boys down for the night.

Tomorrow we are going to work on putting up some mesh fencing along the backyard fence to help keep Batman and the boys from escaping. Then we have Dani's baby shower in the afternoon which should be fun for the boys since they will be able to play with Gavin.

Tonight we got a call from Laura saying Rich was in the hospital because he passed out at a fire (he is a fire fighter). The last update we have is that he still gets dizzy and queasy when he stands up so they are doing an EKG and MRI.
Playing in the yard yesterday
Fell asleep eating dinner
In Annapolis today