Monday, January 18, 2010


This morning I woke up with a plan of action for the day. Once breakfast was done I got all three of us dressed and we were out the door around 9am. Our first stop was Party City to buy some baby shower supplies for Tracy. Unfortunately, the store didn't have what I was going for so I had to buy the stuff online once we got home. Our second stop was Target to buy some new bath towels for Ben and I. We have not bought new towels since we have been married so it is time to treat ourselves to new soft towels. Well, as I was walking up and down the aisles of millions of towels I decided Ben would need to come with me to pick out what he wanted. So that is was second failed mission for the day.

On my way back home I decided to stop and get the boys' hair cut because they were in major need of it. Ryder's hair grows so fast and has been a mess for a few weeks. Their last haircut was the day before Thanksgiving so it was time. They both did so good just sitting in the chair alone being big boys having their hair cut. I took them to Hair Cuttery because it is much cheaper than all of the kids' places and it is just around the corner from our house. They both were done at the same time in chairs next to each other. I did need to help Ryder a little because he does have some sensory issues when they use the clippers and need to move his head around. They look like such big boys now!

This afternoon I was able to get the boys to actually take a nap! While they were napping I made dinner and put it in the oven....Chicken with a Spanish Accent (basically chicken, rice, green peppers, tomatoes, and peas...with some olives cut up on top on half since Ben won't eat them). I have not made it in a while so hopefully it will turn out edible! After dinner we plan to go to Kohls to look for the new bath towels. I found out they have a sale going on right now plus the scratch off if you use the Kohls charge card (additional 15%, 20% or 30%). I am also going to look for some overalls for the boys since they have outgrown theirs...and I think overalls are so cute!