Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Too Much Going On

Sunday we pretty much spent the day watching football. Unfortunately, the teams I was rooting for all lost so I will be forced to root for the Colts during the Superbowl :-( The boys wore their Thing 1 and Thing 2 shorts for the day, but they are getting too small!

I love Ryder's eyes in close up pictures!
Here are the boys cheering when ever there was a touchdown
The boys love riding their scooters in the kitchen since it is not that nice outside right now. Zak has really gotten the hang of using it and can go pretty fast and steer. Ryder was getting very frustrated because he just couldn't figure out how to make the scooter go. So the other day he finally found his own way to make the scooter go...

Monday morning I dropped Zak odd at daycare so I could take Ryder to this therapy class. Ryder and I first went to story time at the library which is right next to where the class is held. His teachers/therapists are helping out with Monday morning story time so I decided to give it a try. Normally, Zak runs around like a mad man while Ryder is clinging to me and crying. It is not a great experience so I have not gone back in a few months. This time one of the therapists worked with Ryder during story time trying to get him to participate and interact with the other kids. It was apparent that he was not comfortable and just wanted to cling, but we will work each week with him trying to help him feel more comfortable. After story time we went to his class. This week there were 2 new boys in the class who are actually twins. The class now has 5 boys in it which is really getting uncomfortable for Ryder, but that is what the point of this class is. The therapists are working with Ryder to feel more comfortable around other kids so he will talk and participate. Right now he just chooses to play on his own and he refuses to talk when the other kids are near him.

Today Ryder's special educator (special ed teacher) came to the house for her session. We talked a lot while she did various activities with Ryder. She is so happy with his progress, but is having a hard time believing the things I tell her about how Ryder acts in the class. She has also talked to one of the teachers of the class who has told her the same as I have. He basically shuts down in class and becomes mute along with not wanting to do the art projects. So she has decided to try and observe Ryder during one of our classes to see for herself.

Tomorrow I am hoping to make it to the playgroup that we went to last week. Zak gets to come with us and play with the other kids which he loves and I get to talk with other parents that have children in therapy just like Ryder. It is a really laid back playgroup where the kids can run around the big room filled with toys while the parents get a chance to talk. One of the mothers at the group has given me a lot of information about aqua therapy. I have put a few calls into a few pools and have found a therapist in the area who does offer this and takes insurance. Now I just have to find out if our insurance will cover it or not. The aqua therapy would help Ryder to strengthen his muscles which in turn would help with many of the issues he has resulting from the low muscle tone.

Today I did call and get information about Ryder's tests on Monday. I found out all three are at the same facility, just in different buildings or areas of the facility. This will make it much easier so we can just park the car in one place and make our way around to the various places. His appointment with the audiologist is at 9:30am so we will need to leave the house around 8:15am or so. Then he has the kidney scan (abdominal ultrasound) at 11:30am and the appointment with the opthamologist at 2pm. The bad news is that he can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight on Sunday until after his kidney scan. I will have a very hungry and thirsty kid all morning until I can give him something after that scan. I just hope he cooperates for the audiologist and they get an accurate result.