Saturday, January 23, 2010


This morning we decided to get out of the house for a while. Our first stop was at Toys R Us to look for a new TV for the playroom. We have been looking around and decided on the Cars TV from Toys R Us because the choices were slim to nothing for TVs with VCR built-in. When we got there the sign said it was on sale for $129, but when they scanned it the price came up as $199. The manager gave us the $129 price so we were happy. I am going to fast forward to the end of our trip to finish the story of the Cars TV! On our way home Ben noticed (while looking through the rear view mirror) that the box said DVD player. Once we got home and did some research we discovered that there were two Cars TVs at Toys R Us. There was a TV/DVD combo for $199 and a regular TV for $129! We some how completely missed the fact that it has a DVD player and not VCR...we have been looking at this TV for a few weeks now! And the store gave us the $129 price for a TV that should have been $199...the regular TV was the one on sale. Now we have a TV/DVD combo and DVD player, but no way to play the millions of VHS movies.

Back to earlier in the day....

After Toys R Us we headed to Towson Town Center. First, we had some lunch in the food court. The boys enjoyed some Chinese with Ben while I had some Mexican food. We then went to the indoor play area to let the boys run around for a bit. While Ben stayed with the boys I went to a few stores looking at sale items. I was super excited when I was at The Children's Place and saw that their sweaters were on sale. I have wanted these sweaters for the boys for 2 years now! They are normally $14.50 each and I was able to buy 2 of them for a total of $8.99! I then went back to the play area and watched the boys run around. After a while they both started to misbehave so we told them it was time to go home.

Ryder loved playing with this girl for a while
Notice anything wrong with the alphabet

Tonight after dinner we brought out the laser light toy for the boys and animals to play with. The boys love to chase the light as well as control the light for the animals to chase.

Notice VZ's paw grabbing for the light
Robin giving VZ a kiss!
Zak getting Robin to chase the light
The boys chasing the light
Ryder getting VZ's meal ready
(he loves to hand feed her!)
Zak hand feeding VZ