Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day in PA...Lots of Pictures!

Today we made a trip to PA to visit with Ben's grandmother and Aunt who were in town from NH to see Jade for her birthday. We left the house around 10am to drive to their hotel in PA which was only about 45 minutes away from our house.

When we got to the hotel Jade was already swimming in the hotel's indoor pool so the four of us quickly changed and joined her in the pool. At first Ryder was crying and not happy about getting into the pool, but I just carried him in and he got used to it pretty quickly. Once they both got used to the pool they had a blast.

Zak LOVED jumping into the pool
Ryder also liked to jump in as long as you held his hand
Zak swam the whole length of the pool without
us touching him using this tube
After we dragged the kids out of the pool we went to their hotel room and changed into dry clothes. Then we gave Jade her birthday present, but Zak insisted in opening it for her! All of the kids sat and played with The Littlest Pet Shop hamster we got her.

We then headed to lunch at Cracker Barrel. I was very excited when I saw there was a Cracker Barrel right by the hotel! The boys loved playing on the rocking chairs while we waited for our table and once again after we finished eating. Of course, I had to buy some Mallo Cups for myself before we left Cracker Barrel.

When we got home the weather was still gorgeous so we let the boys ride their scooters for a bit. The four of us went for a walk (boys with their scooters) around the community and then headed back home. This weather is making me very impatient for Spring to get here!