Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Ready for Tyler

Recently I have started to really feel the need to start getting things ready for Tyler's arrival. I will be 26 weeks along tomorrow and am started to feel very pregnant so I want to get things done while I still feel able to. We are going to turn the playroom into Tyler's room which means the boys' bedroom will also be their playroom.

This weekend we moved the toys into the boys' bedroom. Now we need to figure out exactly how we plan to organize the toys because right now their room is chaos and filled with lots of stuff. We are going to hang the TV on the wall and get rid of the dresser it is sitting. Then we are going to get some storage bins that fit under their bed to help hide some of the clutter. We are also looking into various storage units for their room. So far they are very excited about having the toys in their room and just fine with Tyler taking over the other room.

We also started to get some baby stuff that we need for Tyler. Babies R Us is having a big trade-in event so we took advantage of that. We traded in an old car seat, exersaucer (used by Piper, the boys, and Maddie), and stroller (no need for a double anymore). That gave us 25% off three new items. We got a new travel system (actually my mom bought this for us as a gift), exersaucer, and high chair. The boys were very helpful in picking out the things we got, they enjoyed trying out the various strollers. We also started to look into dressers for Tyler's room and found one at Ikea we like. It is the perfect height to also be used as a changing table which we never had with the boys.

Dresser (not sure what color we would do yet)
High Chair
It turns into toddler seat, booster seat and a regular chair

Travel System
It is a play mat, exersaucer, and standing toy
As you can see, we really like the products that have multiple purposes and grow with the baby. It helps save some room and money! Once Tyler is a little bigger we plan to get another Radian car seat (like the boys use) because they fit well 3-across in our car. The newer version of the car seat actually works for rear-facing, forward-facing, and a booster seat. We plan to keep Tyler rear-facing as long as possible (the boys were over 3 when they turned forward) and this seat would allow for that.

We are also talking about what color to paint the room. The only room in the house we have painted since moving in is the boys' bedroom. So we figure if we don't paint it now then it probably won't ever get done. At the moment we are pretty sure it will end up being green because the boys think that is the right color. We want them to be involved as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi April!

We picked out the same dresser for our baby :)BUT we are going to go with the 4 drawer dresser. The height is much better esp. if you wanna use it as a changing table, that´s what i was thinking about doing as well. Did you get to look at it in person? You might wanna check into that. Just a tipp ;)

The exersaucer is way cool. I wish they´d sell that over here in Germany. Exercausers in gerneral are not really common here.

I am 31 wks long tomorrow and all I´ve got so far for Baby Laney is a carseat, a pack´n play thing out of wood, boppy pillow and clothes. I still need soooooo much but I have no energy to get anything done. Being preggo this time around with two kids on your hand is way more exhausting isn´t it?!

Have a great day :)