Thursday, July 19, 2007

OB Appointment

Well, I had an appointment with the regular OB today. They said that my cervix feels better than from when I was in the hospital, less pressure on it. It is still between a fingertip and 1cm and 80% effaced, but definitely not worse. They said to continue doing what I am doing, which we all know is nothing. I go back next week on Wednesday morning for another check-up. Baby A is still breech and Baby B is transverse/breech. I did lose some weight from being in the hospital, but am eating tons now at home so will hopefully make up for it. They also said that it is amazing how I already have the uterus of a full term pregnancy with me being so small, but that we will just go week by week. IF I were to make it to 38 weeks that is when they would induce.