Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Boat Ride

This morning Ben and I woke up at 6am to get things ready for our day trip to Crisfield, MD. Once we were dressed, had the car packed, had the boys ready, and the dogs all set up (Robin locked in kitchen, Batman locked in living room) we headed out which was about 6:30am. It was about a 3 hour drive, but the boys slept for the most of the time (I slept some also) and Ben drove. It rained for most of the drive, but it quickly turned into a very nice day once we got there and on the boat. We met Rich & Laura at their hotel, got into our bathing suits, and walked to the boat. The boys got to wear their new water shoes which Laura got for them as well as new life jackets they bought for the boys.

Now for our boat ride. The boys somewhat shocked us with their reaction on the boat. They both enjoyed it while we went slow, Zak was good at helping drive the boat. But once we got moving faster Zak was not as excited while Ryder was having a blast! Once we stopped to do some fishing Ryder quickly got his balance on the rocking boat while Zak couldn't stay on his feet. Needless to say Zak was held for most of the time, but he did enjoy helping to reel in the fish. Ryder also loved it when we would hold him over the side of the boat and put him into the water. Here are pictures...

Once we got off the boat Rich cleaned up the fish while the rest of us got changed and ready to go get some food.

We all went to eat at a local place which turned into our normal outing to a restaurant. The boys ate (not really) and then were ready to run around and not be patient for the rest of us to eat. So Laura took them outside when she finished and waited for the rest of us to finish eating. We went back to their hotel again for a bit and then headed home. The boys slept on and off for the drive home, but were wide awake once we got home. Since the boys and dogs were full of energy we let them run away and play together for a while. Now, at 10pm, we are trying to calm them all down so bedtime can happen shortly. We had a long, but extremely fun day!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day in Annapolis

Today we spent the day in Annapolis doing various fun things. Batman got to stay home and have the house all to himself for the day which we know he loved. Robin came with us because we didn't want to leave her in the crate all day. First we met with Josh & Jen (friends from Dogwood) and their dog at Quiet Waters to go to the dog park. Robin had fun in the dog park, but was more concerned with me being outside the fence with the boys than playing with the other dogs. After that we took a walk to the dog beach which I was excited to see how she would do in the water. Once I got her in the water she did great, she swam without any hesitation. She just loved it!

After leaving Quiet Waters we went into downtown Annapolis to Mum Mum's house. Not even 15 minutes after getting there and letting Robin run around without being on the leash she made a run for the back of the house. Ben chased her and then called my name...Robin jumped into the fish pond! She got out pretty quickly, but she was drenched. I guess she likes to swim. The boys played with Josephine and Jamison for a while. In that time Josephine decided to turn on the sprinkler so the boys got drenched and needed to be changed. We then went for a walk downtown. On our walk we stopped by to see Kay so she could meet Robin. Well, as we got there they had just filled up the baby pool for Hallie and Nathan. So what boys jump right in with their new outfits on without hesitation! And then Robin decided to join in and jumped into the baby pool to swim around. Once that was over we changed the boys into their third outfit for the day and headed back to Mum Mum's. We had some dinner and then headed home for the night.

Robin wanted to sit on Zak's lap for the ride home
Just a funny pictures of Ryder from this morning before we left the house. He tends to stuff large amounts of food in his mouth at 1 time. This is him with a whole marshmallow stuffed into his mouth.

Tomorrow morning we are going to leave the house around 6am to make a 3 hour drive to Crisfield, MD. We are going to meet Rich & Laura to take the boys on the boat for the first time. It should be lots of fun! I am sure I will have pictures to post tomorrow night.

Friday, May 29, 2009


The boys have become obsessed with Chick-Fil-A just as I am. If I go through the drive-thru just to get sweet tea they will start yelling and going crazy for food. Tonight we ate dinner there and decided to let the boys play in the indoor play area for the first time. They have a little toddler area and then the normal climbing, tunnels, and slide. At first they were both happy playing in the toddler area, but then they wanted to climb up the slide like the other kids. I was doing a good job of stopping them, but some how Ryder slipped by me and made it past my reach. I figured he wouldn't get very far because the slide was an enclosed slide that had 2.5 twists. Much to my surprise he made it all the way up to the top! This caused a problem because he was now up in the tunnels and wouldn't come back down the slide. Ben and I thought maybe if Zak went up there he would get Ryder to come down the slide...umm...that plan backfired! They were now both up in the tunnels playing and acting like we didn't exist anymore. After LOTS of coaxing and talking to them Ryder finally came down the slide on his own. After a little longer I finally asked a little girl who was going down the slide to grab Zak and bring him down with her. So down she came with Zak between her legs. After about 30 minutes or so we finally had both boys back down on the ground!

After having dinner we went to WalMart to buy some soda which was on sale (they ended up not having ANY of my soda!). We had seen some swimsuits for the boys that we wanted to try while there the other day so we went to check if they had gotten any smaller sizes in yet. They did have 1 X-Small so we bought it and only need to find 1 more now. The swim suits are two-pieces with swim trunks and a top that is a zip up vest with flotation inserts. Here are a few pictures of the boys showing off their new suit...

Hats and Belts

First, a few pictures of Robin...

Recently the boys have been wanting to wear Ben's hats and belts. They get so excited when we let them so here are some pictures...

This is what happens when they both want
to wear the belt at the same time
Zak watching Backyardigans

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Interesting Day

Yesterday we had a few interesting events which I felt were worthy of being put on the blog. I didn't get any pictures of them, sorry.

It all started in the morning when I opened their bedroom door to let them come downstairs for breakfast. As I opened the door I found a big surprise...Zak was completely naked. He had taken off his shirt, shorts, and diaper. He was just as happy as could be. I found his diaper laying in the corner of the room and it was dry. Well, he must have taken it off early in the night because Ryder's bed was drenched with pee! Yes, Zak decided to strip down to nothing and pee on Ryder's bed. Meanwhile, Ryder had also taken off all of his clothes, but left his diaper on.

Fast forward to nap time....I was sitting in the living room eating lunch when I heard horrible screaming start. I could tell it was Ryder because they do have different cries/screams. I ran upstairs, opened the bedroom door and didn't see Ryder anywhere. I almost immediately realized where he was...inside of the dresser! Recently the boys have been obsessed with opening the dresser drawers, emptying them and sitting inside of them. It was just annoying to have to clean up, but this was now getting dangerous. Some how Ryder was laying down in the drawer which had been completely closed! Zak was just sitting on the bed trying to look innocent, but I know Ryder couldn't do that all by himself. As soon as I opened the drawer a little bit Ryder stopped screaming and started laughing. So yesterday evening we went out and bought some safety latches to put on the bottom 2 drawers hoping this won't happen again.

Last night I took Robin to her second puppy training class which went very differently from the first class. This time she was the loud, annoying, obnoxious puppy in the class who wouldn't sit still or stop barking. Everybody thought it was funny how much she had changed in just 1 week.

Hopefully today will be less eventful...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Cook-Out

Today we spent the day at Rich & Laura's for a family cook-out. The boys had a blast playing with Gavin since they are so close in age. I have a ton of pictures (they are pretty much in reverse order because of how I downloaded them)...

Shower to end the day
(they got muddy from the rain)
Zak wearing Isabelle's shoes
Gavin (he is 4 months older than the boys)

Ryder playing golf
Zak playing golf
Family picture

Ryder in the dog water bowl
Zak with his drink and hot dog
Watching the dogs playing
Eating their hot dogs