Thursday, October 4, 2007

Home Nurse Discharge

Today the home nurse was here to weigh the boys and check on their progress. She first checked over Zak and weighed. He now weighs 7lb 4.5oz which is a gain of 11.5oz in 7 days! She decided he is doing great and no longer needs home visits.
She then looked over Ryder and weighed him as well. He is now weighing 5lb 12oz which is a gain of 9oz in 7 days which is also great. At the moment he has a pretty bad diaper ash which is not going away along with his hernia/hydrocele so she will come back next week to just check on him again. But he is gaining weight good which is the primary concern. Ryder had some bad diaper rashes in the NICU as well so we think he just has extra sensitive skin.
They both go back to the pediatrician October 9 for their first round of vaccines...hope they take it well and it isn't too hard to watch.