Monday, November 5, 2007

Quick Update

Can't believe it is already November. The boys are doing good. They had both gotten bad colds about a week ago or so. Zak was first and then Ryder quickly joined with a bad cough and congestion. They had a few days that they would not really eat at all. That was worrisome, but they have gotten past that now. They both are starting to get better, but still very congested and have the bad cough after eating. We are doing our best to keep them as healthy as possible and avoid RSV at all costs. It may mean being stuck in the apartment for the winter, but we are willing to do that if that is what it takes. They go back to the pediatrician the end of this month for the next RSV shot and then December 10 for their 4-month check-up and vaccines. Ryder goes back to the pediatric urologist December 17. They are both growing even though we are not sure of their exact weight until the next pediatrician appointment. Zak is in all newborn clothes now (some are too big, but oh well) and Ryder is now starting to outgrow the preemie one-piece outfits. He still wears them, but when he stretches out he is getting too long. So he will be wearing onsies and pants for a while because the newborns still swim on him. They are both in newborn diapers now also.