Thursday, January 31, 2008

Getting So Big

Sorry it has been a while since the last update. The boys are getting so big. They are both developing at such different rates and doing different things. We are getting ready for our first trip with them, on a plane to FL to visit my mom. We are excited, but there has been lots to do to get ready. We will be leaving Saturday Feb. 2 and coming back Monday Feb. 11.

Zak has really made some big progress with development. He has mastered getting anything and everything into his mouth now. He loves to play with toys and put them in his mouth. He also likes to hold and chew on his Laugh-N-Learn doggie he got for Christmas. He has discovered his feet and loves kicking them around and watching them. He has figured out how to get the toys on his jumperoo, swing and 5-in-1 gym to play music by kicking them or using his hands. Zak is also trying so hard to hold his own bottle which he succeeds at sometimes. He is not a good napper at all. He will take a few short naps, but usually not a really good one. he is sleeping from 8pm until 8am which is nice, He has gotten super clingy with me which hopefully will just be a phase.

Ryder is a little behind Zak, but is making his own progress as well. He loves chewing and sucking on his hands. He will grab onto toys if you put them near his hand and then he tries to get his mouth to them. He has rolled from his tummy to his back. He is a really good napper, seems to be sleep so much better than Zak. He also sleeps from 8pm until 8am along with 1 or 2 short naps and a nice long nap in the middle of the day. He likes to stand up on my lap and is working on sitting unassisted. He will reach and grab for rings that we hang from his carseat and take them to his mouth. Ryder also has learned how to kick at the 5-in1 gym and play with the toys on his swing and jumperoo.

They are both doing so good! We have their 6 month check-up and shots on Feb. 25 so we will get updated weights and heights then.