Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Zak's Final Diagnosis

Today we took Zak to see the pulmonologist. After looking through all of the tests and medications he has had she examined him. She then had him play with a rattle to see if getting active made his breathing any worse, which it did and he did wheeze a bit while there. So she said he definitely has asthma. He will be using a Flo-vent inhaler twice a day everyday as a maintenance drug which helps reduce inflammation of the airways. Then he will also have an Albuterol inhaler to use when he is wheezing badly, known as a flair up. After a while on the Flovent he should stop the chronic wheezing and only wheeze during a flair up. So we will document what causes flair ups so that we can try to avoid them. She said the 3 most common causes for fair ups are being around smoke/smokey places, illnesses, and excessive exercise. But there are all kinds of things it could be such as any kind of allergy.