Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update on Ryder

Lots of things have happened since my last journal entry. Zak also got sick and had to spend 1 night in the Pediatric ER, but he was then sent home on antibiotics, oral steroids, and nebulizer treatments. He is getting better now.

As for Ryder, he spent 11 days on the ventilator and sedated. They were able to grow a bacteria from the mucous in his lung and determine exactly which antibiotic to use. The doctors extubated him yesterday around lunchtime. He now has a nasal cannula that is giving him a little extra oxygen for a bit since he was just taken off the ventilator. We got to feed him and hold him yesterday finally. He was hyper and wide awake because they are slowly weaning him off of the sedation medications. He will be moved from the PICU to the IMC (step down unit) at UMD today. So far he is doing fine breathing on his own which is great! They will need to watch him for a few days to make sure he does not get any swelling from having the tube in his throat for so long. They also said he needs to be slowly weaned from the medications and since he has been on such high doses of them for a while it may take a week or so. If they are ready to discharge him and he is still not fully weaned then he will be transported to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Rehab Center where they will finish the weaning process. If this ends up being the case we may try to get him moved to a location closer to home because that hospital is even further away than UMD.

As for me...I have my hernia repair surgery scheduled for June 2. Ben has figured out his work schedule so that he will be able to be home with me and the boys M-F for the first 2 weeks. Tracy will be coming over on the weekends while Ben is working.