Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some Stuff

I have a few pictures I want to share....

Boys playing with Digital Art Studio
Backpack Zak colored
Zak's newest sleeping habit
(he told us to put his bed in the trash!)
Ryder sleeping
This afternoon once Ryder got home from school we took a trip to the playground with Nanny & Haleigh. I find it funny that the boys still fit in the baby swing together!

The last few weeks Ryder has had a pretty bad dry cough along with a runny nose. We have seen the pediatrician many times as well as the nurse practitioner at his school and they have all said he is battling with allergies. Today I talked to the Immunologist who pulled up Ryder's most recent blood work and then she explained to me that his IgE blood levels are way too low for his body to be able to produce an allergic reaction to pretty much anything. So she said he is most likely experiencing Non-Allergic Rhinitis. She suggested talking to the pediatrician about getting a steroid nasal spray for Ryder to see if that helps at all. So today I talked with the pediatrician and we picked up a prescription for Nasonex which we will start tomorrow. I am hoping this will help!