Friday, December 9, 2011

School Pictures

The boys had their pre-k pictures done in November and we finally received them. I am so happy with how well they turned out! I know looking back at my school pictures I am not pleased with any of them, but I think these of the boys are really good.

I know I have been slacking on the blog. We have been really busy with the holidays coming up. We need to get all of the gifts bought and wrapped along with the house picked up and everything else ready for our trip. We are leaving December 22 on the auto train to go to FL and visit my mom for Christmas. I am so excited! We have told the boys they are going on vacation and getting to ride a train, but have not told them where we are going. It is going to be a big surprise for them. We will get back to MD on January 3 so it will be a nice vacation.

Zak has really been misbehaving recently. It seems to be a huge power struggle between him and myself. I know he is testing limits and this phase will end at some point, but it makes it so difficult some days. He is doing well in school and seems to really enjoy it. We were told he is definitely a social butterfly in the classroom.

Ryder has been struggling with behavior issues as well. He started on a medication for ADHD and irritability in September, but the positive effects we did see wore off. We have recently had to increase the dosage and hope to see the positive results once again. He also had a potty training regression, but that seems to be much better now.

I have been doing well. I am still having issues with morning sickness which is no fun and insomnia has been pretty bad as well. I did start weekly progesterone shots (17P shots) to try and help prevent pre-term labor this pregnancy. There is a nurse who comes to the house each Friday to do the shots which is nice. I have my anatomy scan on Monday and we are hoping the baby cooperates so we can find out the gender!

Ben has been working a lot recently. He has been in Kansas City all this week for training.