Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ryder's Surgery

 Ryder had his adenoids and tonsils removed by a pediatric ENT at Hopkins yesterday morning.  We are hoping this will help decrease the number of sinus infections he gets along with help alleviate his sleep apnea. Ryder & I had to be at the hospital by 7:45am and his surgery was scheduled for 9:45am.  He loved wearing the gown and getting to play computer games while in the pre-op area.  I was able to go into the OR with him while he was put under anesthesia which was nice.  The surgery only took about 30-45 minutes and then I was brought back to recovery to see him.  He had a rough time at first with lots of pain, but once he got pain meds he started to feel better.  We stayed overnight just so he could be monitored for bleeding, dehydration (many kids will refuse to drink and require IV fluids) and because of his other medical things such as the sleep apnea and CVID.  The nice thing was that we got to stay in the brand new Children's Hospital that just opened about a month ago.  Ryder loved the playroom and all of the attention.  He did well during the day yesterday, but had trouble sleeping.  We were discharged this morning since he was doing a good job with drinking.  The difficult thing is trying to keep him hydrated since it hurts for him to drink.  He is supposed to only have very soft foods for the first week or so to try and prevent bleeding.  Also, he is supposed to avoid lots of physical activity for 2 weeks which is hard since we can hardly get him to sit still for 5 minutes right now.

In pre-op area 

Just waking up

 Feeling a little better and being silly

Eating his Popsicle in the playroom

Walking to the playroom

Playing a game before discharge this morning