Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I promised to make a post with pictures so here it is.  They won't really be in any order...Enjoy!

Tyler sitting at 6 months old

6 months old!

Ryder ready for Trunk Or Treat

My personal Superhero Squad

He wants to crawl so badly

Tyler's 1st Baby Mum-Mum

Mandy came to visit one day

Ryder's infusion pump is in the backpack
so he could go outside and play during infusion time

The boys creates a HUGE mess!

Tyler's 1st french fry (Chick-Fil-A of course)

Tyler's 1st time in a cart

I wanted to add a quick note saying we survived Hurricane Sandy.  Our power went on and off a few times, but always came back on pretty quickly.  Schools were closed Monday-Wednesday so far due to the storm.  There are lots of road closures and power outages in our area still though.