Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of 1st Grade

Today Zak & Ryder had their first day of 1st grade.  They are growing up so fast.  Ryder was very nervous about going to school, but he had a great day.  Both boys told me about their friends and seemed pretty excited about their classes and teachers.  Ryder is worried again tonight that he won't remember what bus to get on, but I keep telling him nobody will let him get on the wrong bus.  It is hard to see him suffering so much from this anxiety.  This afternoon Ryder had a pretty big meltdown because he was tired and just so stressed from holding it together during school.  Zak had soccer this evening so he got to bed a little late.  I am sure things will go smoothly once we get back into a normal routine.  Here are pictures from before school...

Tyler wanted to be in the picture too



Tyler had no clue what to do with himself after his big brothers went to school.  He was a very happy camper once EJ and Mya got to the house though.  I am so glad Tyler has Mya to play with during the day and almost experience having a twin himself since they are so close in age.  Today we found out that EJ got into pre-k at the boys' school.  This will be an awesome experience for him!  This means our routine will include putting the older 2 on the bus in the morning, feeding the 3 younger kids lunch, putting the babies down for a nap, putting EJ on the bus around 12:30pm, and then I will have a little time to get my college work done.  Around 4pm my older boys and EJ will get off the bus and the babies should be up as well.  I wanted to include a picture of the baby boy also....

Here is my super baby!