Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Eating Update

Ryder is doing much better eating from the bottle. He will generally finish all of his bottle, sometimes leaving 10ml or less (he gets 30ml per feeding). The nurses said that he does better if they offer the bottle at every other feeding so he is not tired and will then take the whole bottle. So he is getting there. His weight from last night was 3lb 10.6oz. He also got his first bath the other afternoon which he seemed to enjoy.

Zak is doing better and recovering from his intestinal infection. He will be on antibiotics for 7 days so should be done them the end of the week. He is still receiving nutrients, fat, and antibiotics through IV. They did start to allow him to have a little milk. They started at 5ml every 3 hours and he did well so moved him to 10ml every 3 hours. Today they changed him to 15ml every 3 hours and he sucks the bottles down and wants more. So as long as his tummy and intestines tolerate the milk they will continue to slowly increase his feedings. His weight from last night was 5lb 1.8oz.