Friday, August 31, 2007


Last night when we went to see the boys we walked into their room to find Zak hooked up to some new tubes. So the doctor came in and explained it all to us. At his noon feeding yesterday he seemed reluctant to eat his whole feeding and then he vomited some of it back up. They looked at his belly and there was some skin discoloration and his tummy was distended. Since preemie babies can have intestinal problems they like to be more cautious than normal. So they took an x-ray and saw that his intestines were swollen, but that there was no air or anything else bad seen. They decided to stop all of his feedings for 48 hours and keep him on an IV for nutrients just to give his intestines a break. They also have him on antibiotics just in case there is an infection, but have not found any through blood work yet. He also has a tube in his mouth which goes into his stomach and is suctioning out anything in there just to keep his intestines completely empty. He did not gain any weight overnight, but also didn't lose any so that is good. Hopefully he will get to start eating again because he was doing really good with eating from the bottle.

Ryder is doing good as well. He gained more weight again last night and now weighs 3lb 6.4oz. The nurses have been trying to get him to eat from a bottle and some feedings he will eat about half the meal and others he chooses not to eat any from the bottle. He is working on it though.