Thursday, February 14, 2008

Zak Wheezing

Well, Zak has always wheezed on and off. But when ever we would ask the pediatrician about it he wouldn't be doing it. So they never found anything with it. It has gotten worse over the past 2 weeks. He is now wheezing all the time and it is getting louder. I took him to the pediatrician last night since it was getting worse. They listened to his breathing and did a breathing treatment for him in the office. His breathing did not improve at all. So the pediatrician sent us to get a chest x-ray which turned out to be fine. The pediatrician said that he thinks Zak has 2 things going on. First, possibly a viral illness even though he has no fever and is very a happy. Secondly, he might have an anatomical issue which Zak would eventually outgrow. Basically it means that Zak's muscles around his trachea are weak so it will collapse once and a while causing the wheezing. But with this usually the breathing gets better sitting up and worse laying down and Zak is the opposite; he is better laying down and worse sitting up. So I am waiting for a call from the pediatrician today to talk about some more possible testing.