Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Zak's Fluoroscopy

This morning Zak and I went to University of Maryland Hospital for one of his tests for the wheezing. They did what is called an airway fluoroscopy which is basically a live movie of him breathing. They look at his trachea from different angles and look for any abnormalities. The radiologist told me that he didn't see anything problems and it doesn't look like his trachea is collapsing at all. So that is good news, but we still don't have an answer about the chronic wheezing. So we are now scheduling an upper GI where they will give him a barium solution and watch it go through his esophagus and into stomach to watch for any problems. The pediatrician talked to a pulmonologist and she wanted to start Zak on Zantac in case he has silent reflux which could cause wheezing if untreated. We will schedule to meet with her once the upper GI is done.