Friday, March 14, 2008

Zak's Appointment Yesterday

Well, the pediatrician is still trying to figure out what is causing this chronic wheezing. He said we just have to keep trying different medications to see what shows improvement. So far this is what we know:

1) Zantac did not help (either means it is not reflux or the drug was not strong enough)
2) Xopenex did not help (possibly rules out asthma, but not completely)
3) fluoroscopy showed no abnormality in his trachea during breathing
4) now taking Prevacid to see if a stronger reflux drug will help
5) now using Pulmicort in the nebulizer to see if an inhaled steroid makes a difference which would help asthma
6) now using an oral steroid to see if this will show improvement (would help if it is asthma)
7) we have a swallow study scheduled for March 19 which will help show if there is reflux or if he is getting liquid into his lungs when eating/drinking