Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zak's Swallow Test

Zak has his swallow study today at the hospital. They had him drink Pedialyte, formula, and then formula thickened with different amounts of rice. Then he ate some applesauce from a spoon also. They did not find any reflux or aspiration which is good. So that is one thing crossed off the list of possibilities. We will see the pulmonologist on April 1st and if she does not think it is his lungs we might have to do allergy testing. Although, today his wheezing is not bad at all. He has gotten over his viral illness and is back to himself. We think the wheezing got a lot worse from the virus and now it might not be as bad. We will see. The pediatrician told us we do not need to do the Pulmicort any more and we are waiting to hear if we still need to do the Prevacid since they didn't find any reflux today.

Ryder has not caught the virus that Zak had we think. He is now doing the coughing, gagging and crankiness. It is hard to keep those germs away from each other. We have taken Ryder off of the Zantac and he has been fine. It was a slow process of dropping a dose here and there. Then one day we realized he had not had it at all and was fine. So we will see if he continues to do well with out it.

With all of the medication changes we are now down to just giving the boys their fluoride once daily and nothing else.