Monday, April 28, 2008

Long Update

So I have lots to write about this time...

Zak: Today Zak had his circumcision surgery. We left the house at 6am to go to the hospital for his 7:30am surgery. It was so early! He did great and loved the attention from the nurses. I carried him to the operating room and then held his hands while they put him under, then I kissed him and walked out to the waiting room. About 45 minutes later they came and got me to go to recovery with him. He was pretty upset, but calmed down once I held him and fed him a bottle. He was hungry and drank 12oz!! They gave him some pain meds and then moved us to the pre-discharge room (stay there for 30 minutes after leaving recovery to make sure your stats and tummy are doing good after sitting up and eating). Then a nurse held him while I got the car and we headed home. He has been good today at home, just a little cranky. We can give him Tylenol and Motrin for pain and have an ointment to use at each diaper change for 1 week. He has a follow-up appointment in 1 month.

Ryder: Well, Ryder did not have his surgery today. He got sick last week and we decided it was a good idea to cancel his surgery while he was not feeling well. On Friday he had high fevers and wheezing (just like the time at Easter). So Ben took him to the doctor and they said the same thing as last time, use Albuterol and Orapred. He has not gotten better, except the fevers are less and lower, and is now not drinking or eating. He just looks so miserable and not good. So Ben has his at the doctor right now, but our gut tells us he will end up in the hospital again for dehydration. I will update when I know more.