Monday, April 14, 2008

Ryder's Pediatrician Appointment

The last week Ryder has been soaking through his diaper, clothes and sheets every night! He has been wet head to toe every morning I go in to feed them. Then the last day or so he has started to do this during the day as well. The first thing that Ben and I both thought about was the possibility of Diabetes. I was so worried so we called and got him an appointment today. They weighed him (16lb 15.5oz!!) and then put on a collection bag to get a urine sample, saying that sometimes they have to send you home with it since the kids don't always pee while in the office. I know he would with the rate he had been going the past few days. About 5 minutes later the pediatrician came in and looked, half the bag was already full. So he took it off and had the nurse start running tests on it while he looked Ryder over. He said that Ryder looked and sounded healthy. A little while later he came back with the results of the urine sugar, no ketones, no infection, not concentrated. What a relief! So his only suggestions were to decrease the amount of formula Ryder was getting and increase his solid food intake. So we are going to take them both from 4- 8oz bottles and 2 solid feedings to 3- 8oz bottles and 3 solid feedings. Hopefully we will see less pee from Ryder with this.

If he continues peeing the same amount we will take him back to the pediatrician for more suggestions. The doctor also said it might get better once he has his surgery on April 28.