Monday, July 28, 2008

My Little Fish

Zak & Ryder love to swim! They enjoy being in the water when ever possible. Today we met Colleen, Josephine, & Jamison at the pool. The boys love to play with Jo and Jamison and being at the pool just adds to the fun. We have always joked that if we had a set of arm swimmies Zak would love to wear them and not have to be held the whole time because he would always try to push away from us. He also constantly tries to swim with kicking his legs and paddling his hands, it is so cute. Tonight Colleen had a set with her so we put them on Zak and he loved it. A few times he would try to move in an awkward direction and his head would dip under the water, but he didn't mind at all. Of course we were never far away from him, always within an arms reach. Here are some pictures from the pool today.