Friday, July 11, 2008

Ryder's Testing

We are half way done with Ryder's newest testing for the geneticist. He passed his hearing test which is great. He also had his fully body skeletal survey done last week. Now we need to get his bloodwork done and have the MRI of his head. I have the lab slip for the bloodwork so we will hopefully get that done soon. We are still waiting for the geneticist to fax orders to the radiologist so we can schedule his MRI. Unfortunately, they will have to sedate him to do the MRI. We will go back to see the geneticist in January for a follow-up and to hopefully find out a diagnosis. They told us they might not be able to give us an exact diagnosis even with the results of the tests since not all genetic disorders have been completely figured out. We do know he has an extra "X" chromosome, but it is not Klinefelter's (which we were originally told by the PICU at UMD when he was there for pneumonia). So it is just a waiting game.

As for his developmental delays, he is receiving PT/OT/speech through the Infants & Toddlers program in our county. He has showed improvement already with his rolling, sitting, and vocalizations (he is a chatterbox now). We are working on his chewing, but he is doing great and loves to eat table foods. He is getting frustrated not being able to keep up with Zak, but he will catch up to him.