Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cranky Boys!

We have had 2 very cranky boys for the last few days. They have just been so upset and fighting with each other all day long. We know that Zak has his 2 top front teeth coming in and Ryder has a bottom front tooth coming in so being cranky is understandable. But the fighting has got to stop between them. Today I finally had to separate them and leave Ryder in the playpen area with toys and take Zak on the outside of the play area where he just ran around and crawled up the stairs. They are so exhausting now!

I have talked to some friends online who have kids close to 2 years old and they are starting a home preschool program which I thought was a good idea. So I looked into it and have decided to start the 1-year old program with the boys. The program is really just an outline of 24 lessons (each lesson takes 2 weeks) that include certain books/nursery rhymes/poems to read, indoor and outdoor activities, sign language, art, songs, music, nature activities, and other various things. A lot of things we already do, but this lays things out all in one place with great ideas.