Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vaccines & Farmers' Market

This morning we went to the pediatrician for Ryder to get his 1 yr vaccines. We decided not to get his when Zak did (August 6) because we didn't want him to have any side effects that might compromise his surgery on August 25 so he had his today. He did well, as always. Afterwards we went to the Farmers' Market in Glen Burnie because WIC gave us coupons to use there. We got some cucumbers, peaches, green beans, corn, and rolls (honey wheat, cheese).

Today Ben and Dave are going to empty our storage unit and bring everything to the house. Not that we have any where to put the stuff, but for now we will stuff it in the unfinished area until we find places to put it all. While they are doing that and the boys are napping I need to go through all of the boys outgrown clothes to decide what we will keep, what to donate, and what can go to some friends/family.