Saturday, December 11, 2010


This morning Ben decided we should make sugar cookies with the boys and we actually had all of the ingredients! The boys had a blast helping us make the dough, roll it out, use cookie cutters and then decorate them. I think their favorite part was eating them though!

Some other big news from today...Zak went without diapers all day! This morning after he got up we put him on the potty and then made him walk around with nothing diaper, underwear or pants. He was not happy at all for a while, but then got used to it. He peed on the potty multiple times, some with us asking if he needed to go and other times on his own. When we laid him down for nap (didn't actually sleep of course) we left his bedroom door open and the bathroom door open. He did go on his own to pee. Then I smelled something at one point so went upstairs to check it out. He was standing on the hallway and had pooped on the floor. He said he was trying to get to the bathroom so we would really like to believe that even though he has never pooped on the potty yet! He was upset so I got him cleaned up and laid him back down. He did pee on his floor once also, but overall it was a decent day. I am not sure that he would have done this well without us reminding him to use the potty, but we are going to try and keep this up and see how it goes. We did this before, but he would still pee and poop in his underwear so the bare bottom thing seems to be working somewhat better. I am not sure how it will go once we have to leave the house because today he stayed home all day.