Tuesday, January 11, 2011


On Saturday morning we took the boys to the first class of the new session at YMCA. This session we decided to have them do a class together. We chose a mini gymnastics class because it was something new for them to try and we felt it might be good for Ryder to work on some coordination skills. They both had a great time. It was extremely obvious that Ryder is delayed physically compared to the other kids, but the class had kids ranging from 3-6 years old also. Zak still needs to work on waiting in line for his turn, but hopefully participating in these classes will help with that.

Zak doing forward rolls
He actually almost does a head stand at one point

Ryder doing his forward roll

Ryder doing his pencil roll
His old OT told me he doesn't keep his head down because of some vestibular insecurity he has, he doesn't like the feeling of rolling or being thrown or swinging

Zak doing the pencil roll

On Sunday I got really sick once again and was unable to hold any food or drinks down. I knew I wouldn't be able to function n Monday so the boys had a sleepover with Nanny & Poppy. They went to the state park which I think they loved. They told me all kinds of fun things they saw and did. This is a picture Rich sent to me from his phone.