Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Health Update

I feel like our house will be filled with germs forever! This morning I decided to go to the Target clinic for Zak and I to be checked out. I have been dealing with this cold for what seems like weeks and Zak has also. The doctor looked Zak over and decided to put him on antibiotics for a sinus infection. She then looked me over and said it was viral. I hate that word...viral! She did give me a prescription for Flonase to try and help clear out my sinuses so they don't get infected.

While there she said this viral thing going around is taking 2-3 weeks or more to run its course with people. That is not what I wanted to hear. She said for me to take Mucinex along with the Flonase. Then she told me to use the Children's Mucinex for the boys to help clear up some of the side effects of this viral thing that they have in addition to the infection going on. I am trying hard to get rid of the germs in our house so we are being very diligent about hand washing, hand sanitizer and using the sanitize function on our dishwasher!

I also have an update from Ryder's most recent lab work he had done for the Immunologist. He had booster shots done about 6 months ago and then some blood work done the beginning of December. On Monday I called to see if they had the results yet since I had not heard anything yet. The nurse practitioner told me they had the results, had discussed them and the head doctor (Dr.Lederman) had them on his desk because he wanted to call me himself. She said she would talk to him and let him know I called so that he gets back to me ASAP. This afternoon I got a call from a scheduler saying she was calling to make an appointment for Ryder with the Immunologist. I was confused so asked what the appointment was for. She told me the note said to schedule the first available appointment with Dr.Lederman for follow-up to results from recent lab work. So Ryder has an appointment for 8:15am on January 24. I can't believe we have to wait until then to find out what is going on! I am thankful we some how got in with one of the top Immunologists at Hopkins, but it is so hard since he only sees patients once a week and is nearly impossible to get in touch with. I am going to give the nurse practitioner a call tomorrow to see if she can give me any idea as to what is going on. I will make sure to update the blog when ever we find anything out.