Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fetal Echo Appointment & Name

Things have been pretty crazy since we got home on January 3. We have not even completely unloaded the car from our trip yet! I had a fetal echo ultrasound done on January 5. This test was scheduled because mothers with Diabetes have a higher risk of having a baby with heart defects. The test showed the baby's heart looks good with no obvious problems. They went ahead and did a growth scan as well. So as of January 5 (I was 22 weeks) the baby weighed 1lb 2oz and everything looked good. My cervix was also still looking really good. I see the OB next week for a regular appointment and then I have another growth scan on January 31. I will have growth scans every 4 weeks until I deliver.

I announced the name we had chosen on Facebook while in Florida, but in case you missed it I wanted to add that here too. The boys are now using his name all the time so we decided it was time to let everyone know....

Tyler Luke Croissant