Monday, January 23, 2012

Immunologist Appointment

This morning we had Ryder's Immunology appointment. He gets blood work done every 6 months and then we have an appointment to go over everything. His blood work looks really good which is always nice to hear. His overall IgG is up to 952 which is much higher than he started at and is now in the normal range. They also look at specific antibodies within the system and he is showing protective levels in 10 of the 14 they look at which is great since he was none to begin with. We will keep his weekly infusion dose the same for now.

We talked about the infections Ryder has been having which tend to be sinus, strep or pneumonia. He has been on antibiotics 8 times in the last year which they consider too much still. After doing an exam the Immunologist agrees with Ryder's pediatrician that his tonsils are probably the culprit. He has HUGE tonsils which always look red. The Immunologist said they could be harboring infection in them which could also be the cause for his chronically swollen lymph node behind his ear. So we have an appointment with an ENT on February 16. The Immunologist works closely with this ENT so they know how to handle CVID patients. It looks like we will probably be planning a surgery date for Ryder after the ENT appointment to get his tonsils (possibly adenoids too) out.

A quick update on myself and the baby. I had an OB appointment last week. Everything looked good with myself (urinalysis and blood pressure). I have gained about 9.5 pounds so far and will be 25 weeks along tomorrow. The baby's heart rate was in the 130s and seems to be measuring about a week ahead. I talked to the OB about my concern of having another hernia and she confirmed that I definitely do have one. Last pregnancy I had one on the left of my belly button and one under my belly button which were both surgically fixed when the boys were about 11 months old. This time the hernia is to the right of my belly button. This means I will be needing surgery once again at some point after I have this baby. Not looking forward to it. We will probably put it off as long as possible because Ben will use his time off for the delivery of the baby and my c-section recovery. So he won't have more time off until 2013. The recovery from the hernia surgery will not allow me to pick up the baby or the boys for 2 weeks so I will need help.