Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tyler Update

Things have been going pretty good so far.  I was looking forward to being discharged from the hospital this morning, but that is not happening right now.  Everything is great with me.  Tyler has jaundice and his level is not high enough to treat, but too high to send him home right now.  They are concerned because he has a completely different blood type from me which puts him at a higher risk for jaundice to get worse.  Also, he has now lost 10% of his birth weight.  All babies do lose weight, but they get concerned if they hit the 10% or more mark.  So they want to re-test his levels at 4pm today before deciding what to do.  We also started to supplement his feedings with formula this morning in the hopes of that helping reduce the jaundice.  So now we are waiting around until this afternoon to see what his blood results show.  I am dying to get home!