Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Genetics Appointment

Today Ryder has his yearly appointment with Dr.Hamosh who is his Geneticist.  I love going to see her because she really takes time to talk, ask questions, listen, and really look over Ryder.  She pretty much oversees everything going on with Ryder which is nice.  I like having 1 doctor to talk to who knows just about everything going on.  She looked over Ryder and didn't find anything new or concerning which is always good.  His head circumference is still small, but since it did grow an ok amount over the past year she said we don't need to worry about another MRI right now.  Her final statement this visit was... "Well, I haven't gotten any smarter over the last year so I still can't put a name to exactly what Ryder has going on.  I may never know 100% exactly what is going on, but for now he is doing great."  Like I said, I really like her and how honest she is.

While we were there she also looked over Tyler for me since he had a few things that concerned me.  Although, over the last few weeks we have noticed many of the concerning things were going away.  After she looked him over her response was... "I don't get the chance to say this often in my field, but Tyler looks perfect."  Again, I love how honest she is.  She did say his palate is very high, but there don't seem to be any holes in it (sometimes there can be a pinhole cleft with a high palate).  His tongue does sit back further in his mouth, but now it mainly happens when he sleeps.  She thinks it is just a muscle tone thing that will get better with age which we have seen improvement with already.  And with his tongue tie she agrees it seems to have gotten much better on its own which can happen.  He does still have a tongue tie, but not enough for any ENT to want to clip it right now.  Down the road there is the possibility that he might have some speech issues because his tongue won't be able to touch the roof of his mouth because of the combination of his tongue tie and high palate.