Saturday, July 28, 2012

Behavior Stuff

Recently we have really been working on behavior for the boys.  They are typical 5 year-olds who don't want to pick up their toys or always follow the rules.  I got a few really good ideas from Ryder's behavior therapist as well as other parents online.

Last weekend we started a new behavior/chore chart for the boys.  We came up with rewards they could earn and what behaviors we would be working on for the week.  Each evening before bed we would all sit down and decide who got what stars for the day.  Tonight after getting their stars we talked about what rewards they had earned.  Ryder got 23 stars so he will get a piece of candy tomorrow and Zak got 30 stars so he will get a $1store toy tomorrow.

Tonight I started the Ransom Toy Box with them as well.  Anytime we take a toy away from them it will go in this box.  If they want the toy back they have to pick a chore out of the envelope to do before getting a toy back.  The toys can be taken away for various reason that the boys have been told about such as not putting them away, not using the toy properly, or playing with it after bedtime.