Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Years Old!

I can't believe Zak & Ryder are now 5 years old!  They have been pretending for months that they were 5 years old which I think is funny.  Of course, they have now started asking "So will I be 6 my next birthday?". We went to IHOP for breakfast and the boys got to open some gifts.  First they opened cards and gifts from Grammy then they moved on to the gifts from Ben & I.  They will have their 5 year check-up with the pediatrician later this month so I will update with info after that.

Card & money from Grammy

 New backpacks from Grammy

 Some new Hot Wheels

 Spiderman Flip & Attack toys


Their party is going to be on Tuesday at a local indoor bouncy place which they are very excited for.  It is the first party they have invited friends to instead of just family and adult friends.