Saturday, August 18, 2012

Soccer, Visit from Saba, and other stuff

The boys started soccer last week and seem to enjoy it.  Zak is already complaining that he wants to play "real soccer" which means he wants to play games and not just practice drills.  There are about 40 kids in the clinic age group so it is pretty crazy at practice, but for games they are divided up into 4 different color teams.  Next Saturday will be their first game.


 Tyler hanging out during soccer practice
Last weekend Ben's father came to visit from NH.  He was only here for the weekend, but we fit a lot of fun stuff in during that time.  One night we went to an Aberdeen Ironbirds game, but it started to rain during the 3rd inning.  We waited a little while, but ended up leaving.

On Sunday we went to his hotel for a birthday party.  At the hotel we also hung out with both of Ben's sisters.  After having lunch we went for a swim then had the boys open some gifts.

Now I have a bunch of random pictures I wanted to share with those of you who read the blog, but don't see pictures on Facebook.

Ryder being bad

All 3 boys, Tyler in 9 month outfit!

 He found his fingers!

 Tyler loves his Zak

This morning we had picture day for soccer and then the kids did a few drills before heading home.  Wanda had her camera and took a few pictures.

I didn't know she has me in the picture too
She had just told the boys to look at her

Ryder with Tyler

In birth order
Zak, Ryder, Tyler (ZRT)

Tyler with his Build-A-Bear from Grammy

The boys picked the dog
I named him Bubbles because that is a nickname
I have been using for Tyler recently with all of his drool and bubble blowing