Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trip to FL

Well, we just got back from FL yesterday. The flights were really good and the boys had no major problems or meltdowns. We were able to take 1 carseat on the plane so we got to sit together which was great. The weather in FL was awesome, in the 70's and 80's the whole time. The boys got to wear shorts and t-shirts and no socks...they loved it. We had lots of fun visiting my mom and everybody else down there. Piper had fun with the boys also. She did really good with them and they loved watching her. She did get a little annoyed once and while when they started to use her toys, but what almost 2 year old wouldn't. The boys pretty much kept to their normal schedule while there which made today easy and just back to normal. They are getting so big and developing new things.

Zak is now eating solid food twice a day and loves it. He has mastered bananas and we will try squash tomorrow. He is so close to rolling from his back to his tummy. He has the cutest laugh when he is happy, it makes us crack up listening to him. He has also mastered getting anything and everything in his hands into his mouth. He loved using the walker while in FL so my mom is sending it to us to use here in MD. He has definitely found his hands and now holds them together and plays with them. We are working on sitting unassisted, but not really successfully yet.

Ryder has just started to try out solid food. We have given him bananas, but he has not mastered it yet. Mainly he just holds it in his mouth and some might get swallowed. But he will get it soon enough, we will stick with bananas until he gets the hang of it. He is such a talker! He has lots to say all the time. He also has a very silly laugh and loves to yell in delight. He has gotten much better at getting toys into his mouth. He has also mastered holding his hands together and playing with them. He is still rolling from his tummy to his back. We had professional pictures done in FL and he showed off and wouldn't stop rolling which made picture taking difficult of course. We are working on sitting with him as well, he seems to be a little better at it.

They will have their 6 month check-up and vaccines on February 25 so I will update their weights and lengths then.