Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Crazy Upcoming Week

Well, our crazy week has now officially begun. We made our big move on Sunday which went pretty well (of course took longer than expected). We still have odds and ends left at the apartment, but we are now living at the new house. For those who don't know, we moved in with my best friend and her soon to be husband. An overview of the week to come:

Today: mom flies in, we have lots of shopping and errands to run, lots of things to do at the house, lots of things to do for the wedding

Wednesday: more wedding stuff and probably errands, Zak & Ryder's early 1st b-day party

Thursday: more wedding stuff, set-up the clubhouse for the rehearsal, rehearsal and dinner, Tim (Ben's father) flies in

Friday: the day of the wedding so very crazy

Saturday: Zak & Ryder's baptism and then a little party afterwards

Sunday: we need to take Tracy & Dave to the airport (they leave for a 2 week honeymoon), Tim flies out

Tuesday: mom flies out

Of course Ben will be working this whole week so he is going to be exhausted as will the rest of us.