Thursday, April 9, 2009

Interesting Information

Last night we walked to the clubhouse to pick up our home owner's association (HOA) payment booklet. While there we found out lots of new and interesting information about the community, our neighbors, and the previous owner of our house.

HOA: Apparently the previous Board of Directors (BOD) were pretty corrupt causing the community to go bankrupt. There is legal action going on against those individuals at the moment. There is now a new BOD who are re-writing the by-laws and trying to get the community back above ground. Right now the community has no money so they have no employees which means there are a few people volunteering to work in the clubhouse limited hours along with a volunteer helping out with maintaining the community. The pool will not be open this summer because last year the BOD didn't drain it or winterize it so it will be too expensive to correct that for this summer. Ben and I want to get involved with the HOA since we know they are working hard to turn it around and we want to play a part in that. They have increased the HOA fees to try and help with costs of trash and maintenance.

Neighbors: We learned that our court is pretty quiet which will be nice. There is a whistle blower in our court (makes sure nobody does anything against by-laws), but with the by-laws being re-written it shouldn't be a big deal. There are a few families with kids in our court which will be nice for the boys.

Previous Owner: As the two guys in the clubhouse (part of new BOD, been living here for a long time) were telling us about our neighbors we learned some information about the previous owner of our house. They made a comment about the house with the silver Mercedes and how they were involved in some illegal things. That is when we spoke up and said that is the house we had bought so those people were gone and their reaction was utter relief to see them gone. Then they proceeded to tell us that the community had been pressuring them to leave because the boyfriend of the owner was selling drugs out of the house. We now know why they probably just wanted out of the house, sold it at a good price (not to mention all of the work required on it), and just packed up and left leaving behind numerous things.

Ben and I are going to our first HOA meeting which will also be the first HOA meeting with the new BOD. Rich and Laura will come watch the boys while we go to the meeting next week.