Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Weekend

The weather this weekend was amazing! We tried to take full advantage of it by doing lots of things outside. Saturday morning I went to meet another pediatrician (Bright Oaks Pediatrics) in the area because the more I thought about it the less comfortable I felt with the first one I had met with. I am so glad that I went with my gut and met another pediatrician because I absolutely loved this office and the staff. They remind me a lot of our pediatrician in Annapolis. The office is about 10 minutes or so from the townhouse and they have great hours (M-Th 7am-8pm, F 7am-5pm, Sat 9am-noon). The added plus with this office is that one of the doctors is actually a developmental pediatrician which will be great for Ryder. So the boys have an appointment May 12 with Dr. Rogers who is the developmental pediatrician. Once I got home from that meeting we all got in the car and headed to Annapolis to meet Rich & Laura to pick up the futons from a fellow AMOM. Then we came home to set up the futons and relax for a bit. Around 5pm we went to feed and walk Bandit in Millersville because Tracy & Dave were at Hershey Park all day. The boys enjoyed going back to their house and play with dog-dog. After that we had dinner, went to Safeway, and then headed home because it was getting close to bedtime for the boys.

This morning we met Ben's grandparents at a local playground which the boys had a blast at. We were there for a while and the boys enjoyed every minute of it. Zak was great at going down the big slides and climbing on all of the equipment while Ryder preferred to run around and stay close to the ground. Once we left the playground we all went to lunch at Bob Evans then we came home to lay the boys down for a nap. While they napped Ben worked on putting up a ceiling fan and I did some laundry. The boys woke up a while ago and we have been outside playing in the yard again. It now looks like it will rain so we have headed inside. Ben's grandparents might come by sometime to see the house while they are visiting in MD.

Our upcoming week consists of Ryder's intake appointment with Care Therapy (OT and Speech) on Tuesday morning in Towson and then possibly a playgroup at My Gym in Bel Air on Friday.


Natalie said...

What a fun day! And Zak is a great little climber! :)