Sunday, April 5, 2009

We Moved!

We made the big move yesterday! It took 2 trips in a mid-size moving truck along with somethings in various cars. It was a long day for everybody involved, but we all survived.
Big news...we got Internet! Ben's work recently switched over to doing all paperwork electronically so he now has to turn in his daily time sheets and paperwork online so this made it pretty important for us to have he could get paid!

Yesterday our day started with picking up the truck at 8am, going to a friend's house to pick up some chairs, and then back to Tracy & Dave's house to pack the truck. Ben, Dave, and Josh worked hard getting it all packed up while Tracy was watching the boys and I went to the townhouse to clean some more. Once they got to the townhouse I helped unload the truck and we had some lunch. Then we went back to Tracy & Dave's to load the truck up again which Ben and Josh took to the townhouse while I took the boys and Batman into Annapolis. Ben then met us in Annapolis for dinner and some Easter activities. Colleen and Josephine had spent the day making our traditional chocolate eggs and hard boiling eggs to dye. The boys had lots of fun dying Easter eggs with Josephine and Jamison. We also got to see Chelley and Madelyn for a bit which was fun. Around 8:30pm we packed up our stuff and made the hour drive back to the townhouse. The boys slept the whole way there and quickly fell asleep once we put them in bed. Ben and I then moved somethings around and then I went to take a shower. While in the shower we discovered that there is a leak in the pipe between the bathtub faucet and shower head. So, for now we have a hole in the kitchen ceiling and have to put a bucket under it while taking a shower. Ben hopes to get the pipe fixed when we take out the old tub and shower walls to replace them with new ones (hopefully very soon!). Ben and I finally went to bed, but I am not sure what time that was at.

At 7am we both heard the boys wide awake and talking in their bedroom. They have no toys in their bedroom so they were just talking away to each other which was funny to listen to. This morning we put the baby gate up in the hallway so the boys could run between their bedroom and playroom. They made such a mess, but had the best time! Tracy came over this morning and helped us unpack the kitchen. This afternoon we took the boys and Batman into the backyard and they all had a blast running around and playing. Around 3pm Laura and Dani came to pick up the boys to take them to Gavin's birthday party. Tracy, Ben, and I went to Lowes to pick up the dishwasher, garbage disposal and a few other things. Then we went to BJs and got a ton of stuff which my mom bought for us. (We are quickly realizing that the small fridge at the townhouse probably won't be big enough for us...) We got home, unloaded it all and then went out to meet Laura and Dani with the boys at TGI Fridays for dinner. We made it home a a little before 9pm and put the boys down for the night. Tonight Ben and I moved things around so the electrician can get to all of the outlets and lights in the bathroom, living room, and basement tomorrow. They might also put in the ceiling fans into the 3 bedrooms tomorrow.

Now for what you all have been waiting
Our BJs shop

My boys relaxing
Ryder showing off his dyed shirt...he decided to pull the red dye onto
himself because we weren't starting quick enough for him
Zak relaxing

Boys' Playroom

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Stairs to the Basement

Ryder dying eggs

Ryder coloring an egg

Zak and Jo dying and egg

Zak and Colleen coloring an egg
Tomorrow the boys and I need to continue unpacking along with staying out of the way of the electrician. We really need to unpack clothes because we have run out of the clothes we pulled out before packing.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the chairs are working out well! ;)