Monday, November 29, 2010

Visit With Shirley

Yesterday morning I pulled out all of the Christmas toys for the boys. They had a blast playing with all of the animals that play music and sing. Ben was not very excited at all.

Around 9:30am we left the house and headed to Annapolis. We were meeting some of my family at the mall for lunch and to hang out. Chelley, John & Madelyn were there which the boys were excited about. The whole reason for this special trip was to see Shirley who was in town from NC for Thanksgiving to see family. The boys were really excited when Shirley have them some Toy Story figurines to play with! After having lunch we took the kids to the play area for a while. We also met up with Natalie, Christine and Roy for lunch. While we were at the mall we stopped by the Lego store to see if my grandfather was working and he was. The boys had fun walking around looking at all of the Legos with him for a few minutes, they especially enjoyed the Toy Story ones!

Today the boys and I made a trip to BJs, Target and WalMart. I needed to get a few things for meals along with some new sheets for the boys' beds and my bed. Now that is it getting colder out I wanted to get a set of jersey knit sheets for my bed since the regular cotton ones are pretty chilly when the bedroom is only 60 degrees! Ben left for TN and will be home very late Thursday night. He will be off on Friday which will be nice after having him gone all week. Ryder has school Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings and we are going to have dinner in Annapolis with Colleen and the kids on Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, today has been very long because I woke up with a headache and have had little to no patience with the boys. I have discovered that 3 is a very trying age for both parents and kids so I try my best to remain calm even when they have pushed me over the edge which ca be extremely difficult sometimes! This phase shall pass just as all of them have, right?!