Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

On Monday we spent the day in Annapolis. I always look forward to 4th of July in Annapolis and the boys do as well. We left our house around 10:30am and got home close to midnight so it was a very long day, but we all had a great time!

When we first got to Annapolis the boys played in the yard with Jamison for a while.

They took turns playing all 3 positions
(catcher, batter, pitcher)
Hockey was the least successful

After we had lunch the four of us walked to see some of my friends. Our first stop was to play with kitties. Many of you will think we are crazy (which we already know) when I tell you that we are looking at getting a new kitten. VZ is really my cat although Zak has pretty much won her over and taken her from me. Ryder tries so hard to get on her good side, but she just doesn't seem to like him very much. He is always saying he wants a cat that says meow and actually said he wants one for his birthday. So we are thinking about getting a Turkish Angora kitten for him because every time we go to my friend's house her cats are all so social and let both boys pick them up and play with them. Then we walked around the corner to see another friend and catch up since we have not talked in a while. The boys had fun playing with all of the kids there at the block party as well as getting to feed the fish in their fish pond.

Once we got back to Colleen's house we pulled out some water toys for the kids to play with since it was pretty hot. They played with a sprinkler and a water hopscotch game. Ryder spent a lot of the afternoon eating the watermelon though.

Of course there had to be a lemonade stand. This year there were lots of helping hands so for next year Joey is already talking about setting up multiple sites with all of her little workers!

We then went to the parade at 6:30pm. Nathan was giving out lots of hugs which seemed to always turn into a headlock with Zak. Ryder wanted a hug too.

When we got back to Colleen's after the parade for the cook-out there was a surprise waiting...Chelley, John, and Maddie had come over for a little while. We had a good dinner and then hung out until it was time for fireworks. Chelley, John & Maddie left just before the fireworks because Maddie is not a fan of them.

We tried to get a picture of all of the kids and this was the best we got.